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Membership FAQ's

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How many people does my membership admit per day?

Individual Member – One adult

Member Plus, Contributor, Sponsor – Two adults

Benefactor – Four adults 

Fitz Henry Lane Society – Two adults and unlimited guests

Red Cottage Society Individual – One adult

Red Cottage Society Couple & Patron – Two adults 

Business Members (Contributor, Sponsor & Benefactor) – Two adults

Business Members (FHL I, FHL II, FHL III) – Unlimited admission

 *Card holder must be present. Membership cards are nontransferable. Admission is free for youth 18 and under.

How many membership cards will I receive?

One card will be issued for Individual Members and Red Cottage Society Individual members. All other membership levels will be issued two cards. Please call (978)283-0455 x11 or email for any questions about acquiring additional membership cards.

Do I need to have my card in order to get in to the Museum?

Yes, please check in with your membership card at the front desk. In the case that you forget or lose your card, the Museum also has a database of all our members where we can search your name. The database is intended to be a backup option, and we encourage members to use their cards in order to expedite entry.

Do my children get in for free?

All children 18 and under are admitted for free. Adult children older than 18 need a guest pass, their own membership or to pay admission for entry. Gift memberships are a wonderful way to share the Museum with your adult children!



Who do I contact with questions about my membership?

For questions about membership benefits, updating information or upgrading or renewing membership, please call (978)283-0455 x35 or email


Guest Passes

What are guest passes and how do I get them?

Guest passes are a benefit of membership. They are single-use passes for free admission to the Museum that are sent in the mail with your membership card. A visitor with a guest pass does not have to be present with the Museum member for free admission. Guest passes are for Museum admission only and cannot be applied to the cost of tickets for programs.

How many am I allocated per year?

Member: 2

Member Plus, Contributor, Sponsor, Benefactor, Red Cottage Society (all levels): 4

Business Contributor: 4

Business Sponsor & Benefactor: 8

Business FHL I: 10

Business FHL II: 15

Business FHL III: 20

Do guest passes expire?

Yes, passes will have a printed expiration date on the back.

 If I lose or accidentally throw away my guest passes can I ask for more?

Guest passes are a privilege that members are responsible for; initial distribution of guest passes is final and they can only be replenished by purchasing additional guest passes at the front desk of the Museum or by calling (978)283-0455 x10.


Gift Shop Discount

What is my discount?

Individual Members, Member Plus, Contributor, Red Cottage Society Individual: 10% discount

Sponsor, Benefactor, Fitz Henry Lane Society (all levels), Red Cottage Society Couple & Patron: 20% discount

Business Members: The Museum offers businesses opportunities for marketing and advertising; no gift shop discount is included.

Can I share my discount with my friends and family?

Member benefits are non-transferrable; only members have the privilege of their shop discount.

Can I use my discount for the online shop?

Yes, you will receive a code in your initial membership letter in the mail that you will enter at checkout on the online shop. Please call (978)283-0455 x35 or email if you did not receive your membership discount code.



How many member-price tickets can I buy/reserve?

Only current members can purchase tickets at a discounted price for events. Tickets for accompanying friends or family who are not Museum members must be purchased at the non-member price.

Do I need reservations for events that are free for members?

Each event on the Museum website will give necessary information about reservations. We’re grateful to host popular programs that often sell out, so in order to guarantee a seat – even a free one- at an event that asks for reservations, you must register in advance.

Can I use guest passes for programs?

No, guest passes are only applicable to regular Museum admission.



Gift Membership

How do I purchase a gift membership?

Thank you for considering a gift membership! Gift memberships for any level of membership can be purchased at the front desk of the Museum or online here. If you prefer to order by phone please call (978)283-0455 x35.

What information will I need to provide?

You will need to provide your contact and billing information as well as the recipient’s name, address, phone, and email. Name and address are mandatory information, but if you don’t know the recipient’s phone or email and the gift is a surprise, we can contact the receiving member to obtain that information later.

Will the membership card be sent to the recipient?

Yes, the membership card and guest passes will be sent to the recipient within a week or so and the tax deductible information will be sent to the membership-giver.



What will my membership card look like?

Membership cards come enclosed in a welcome letter. Cards will have a blue banner at the top with the Cape Ann Museum logo and list your name, membership type, and expiration date. 

When will I receive my membership card?

Cards should arrive in the mail within a week of purchase. If you have not received your card or have other questions, please call (978)283-0455 x11 or email

How do I get a replacement or additional membership card?

Call (978)283-0455 x11 or email for any questions about acquiring new membership cards.

How do I upgrade or change my membership?

Call (978)283-0455 x35 or email for questions about changing or upgrading your membership.

What is the duration of my membership?

One-year Memberships are valid for one year from the day you join. Two-year memberships are valid two years from the day you join.

Is there a senior membership level or discount?

Seniors make up a majority of our membership base, and we value their support immensely. The Museum makes every effort to keep the price of membership affordable and you will find that our membership rates are competitive with, if not less than, similar institutions.

What is the tax deductibility of my membership?

Memberships are fully tax deductible at all levels except the following:

FHL Society ($1,000) and Business FHL I: $952 tax deductible

FHL Society ($2,500) and Business FHL II: $2,400 tax deductible

FHL Society ($5,000) and Business FHL III: $4,800 tax deductible

May I update or change the names on my membership?

Yes, please submit a request to or call (978)283-0455 x35 or at the front desk of the Museum. Please note that memberships are nontransferable.

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