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Student Art Exhibits

December 2017 – Glen Urquhart

Artwork by students in grades K–7 from Glen Urquhart in Beverly is on display in the CAM Activity Center. Find out more about our student exhibits here.

"Still Life" – Kindergarten

One of the first kindergarten art projects was a still life. In kindergarten at GUS, the children begin the year studying food and planting. Where does food come from? Who can grow these plants? How do you know when a plant is ready to harvest? The children had practice taking kernals from the chaff of wheat and grinding them into flour to make bread. The children then painted golden still life paintings of wheat. The children talk about planting and what plants need to grow. I picked sunflowers at a local farm to bring to art class. After a slow looking activity where the children noticed color, shape and texture, the children painted these beautiful sunflower still lives.


 "Trees" – Grade 2

This fall, second graders learned all about trees in their classrooms. In Art, we went outside and made planning sketches of a variety of trees on campus. While sketching we carefully examined the thickness of the trunk relative to the branches. Back in the art room, we chose one thumbnail sketch to enlarge in pencil and added watercolor, oil pastel and tempera paint markers.


 "Text Inspired Tiles" – Grade 7

Inspired by artist Lesley Dill, students started the assignment by sketching the letters of their first name or a favorite word repeatedly, turning the page and experimenting with a variety of fonts and sizes. They were to try one sketch with hard-edged geometric lines and one using curvy organic lines and then choose their favorite. Next, the sketch was transferred to Baltic birch veneer. Students then embellished their drawing with a pen, india ink, paint markers, charcoal pencils, oil stick, sharpies, etd. The results are as varied as the students themselves!