The Masses

“... a magazine with a sense of humor and no respect for the respectable ...”

The Masses - August 1914   The Masses - April 1915      

The Cape Ann Shore

“Devoted to the Interest of the Summer Residents of Cape Ann”

The Cape Ann Shore, August 8, 1914

The contrast between the work John Sloan is best known for—largely social realist depictions of the lives of the poor and working class in New York City—and the breezy landscapes he painted during summers spent in Gloucester, could not be more pronounced. This striking dichotomy is well exemplified by two very different publications, both of which can be found in the Cape Ann Museum’s Archives. Facsimiles of select issues of The Masses—a radical leftist magazine published monthly in New York City from 1911 to 1917—and The Cape Ann Shore—a weekly newspaper “Devoted to the Interest of the Summer Residents of Cape Ann”—are available for download here (click on any of the images above). There are also copies available for reading in the Sloan exhibition gallery.

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