Woodman’s of Essex Cookbook 


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A Yankee Tradition since 1914: Five Generations of Stories, 100 Years of Recipes

By Winslow Pettingell

Paperback, 224 pages. ©2014 by Woodman’s, Inc.

With more than 100 Woodman Family recipes, plus kitchen tips on lobsters, clams, and the art of deep-frying. And glimpses into the origins of dozens of food items such as: the Lobster roll, Tartar Sauce, Katchup, Corn Bread, Spaghetti sauce, Pizza, the Buffalo Wing, Macaroni and Cheese, Mayonnaise, Corned Beef, the Taco… this and much, much more about Woodman’s where the tradition continues.Featuring tales of adventure, feats of innovation, indomitable characters galore, act of kindness and unconditional love, and those born into a lifestyle like no other.

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