The Jewish Community of Cape Ann: An Oral History  


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By Sarah V. Dunlap

Hardcover, 302 pages

© 1998, Sarah V. Dunlap.

From the Introduction:

“In the following pages, we attempt to present Cape Ann’s Jewish community up to the early 1950s. The history is based on conversations with current and past Jewish residents of Cape Ann, recorded between 1992 and 1998. Our time period stretches from the first known Jewish presence on the Cape through the establishment of the synagogue on Middle Street.

Much of what occurred on Cape Ann is similar to what happened in every other Jewish community in the United States: the sequence of immigration, education and assimilation, so familiar in the history of the Jews in larger cities like New York and Chicago, was repeated with minor variations in Gloucester—but those minor variations are the particulars that make Cape Ann’s history unique.”

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