The Cellars Speak


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The Cellars Speak: The Old Cellars and What They Tell Us About Dogtown and Its People

By Mark Carlotto

Paperback, 114 pages

© Mark Carlotto, 2015

The author of The Dogtown Guide and The Island Woods takes a new look at the old settlement in the middle of Cape Ann, abandoned almost two hundred years ago.

“Mark Carlotto’s latest book is a tour de force, a novel synthesis of everything there is to know about the Dogtown colonial settlement as a community of people living on Cape Ann. Carlotto has combined data from archaeology, history, genealogy, and cartography to illumine the ties that bound these people both to a place and to each other in a complex social network… His work constitutes a major contribution to our understanding of an iconic time, place, and cast of characters in the story of Gloucester, and, as the title promises, it’s the cellars themselves – the remains of lives lived hundreds of years ago – that tell this story. This book is a must read for everyone interested in learning how those lives were actually lived in the place of intrigue and speculation called Dogtown.”

            -M.E. Lepionka, Co-Chair, Gloucester Historical Association.

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