Stuart Davis in Gloucester


  • Quantity

By Karen Wilkin

Published by Hard Press © 1999

Hardcover - 127 pages

Printed in conjunction with an exhibition at Cape Ann Museum in 1999, this is the first major work done on Stuart Davis since his death in 1964.

John Sloan invited Stuart Davis to join him in Gloucester for a summer of painting in 1915. Davis recognized it as "the place I had been looking for" and returned every summer through 1934. He loved Gloucester's light, topography, the shapes and activity on its docks, and especially its schooners. Davis drew and wrote constantly, filling sketchbooks and journals. He came to see painting and drawing as the same process, prompting him to say, "The act of drawing is the Content of Art."

Davis' Gloucester work established him as an integral part of the development of American Modernism.


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