Shipwrecks of Stellwagen Bank


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By Matthew Lawrence, Deborah Marx and John Galluzzo

Softcover, 144 pages

© 2015 By Matthew Lawrence, Deborah Marx and John Galluzzo


Beneath the churning surface of Stellwagan Bank National Marine Sanctuary rest the bones of shipwrecks and sailors alike.  Massachusetts’ ports connected its citizens to the world, and the number of merchant and fishing vessels grew alongside the nation’s development.  Hundreds of ships sank on the trade routes and fishing grounds between Cape Cod and Cape Ann.  Their stories are waiting to be uncovered – from the ill-fated steamship Portland to collided schooners Frank A. Palmer and Louise B. Crary and the burned dragger Joffree.  Join historian John Galluzzo and maritime archaeologists Matthew Lawrence and Deborah Marx as they dive in to investigate the sunken vessels and captivating history of New England’s only national marine sanctuary.

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