Nell Blaine Sketchbook


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Preface by John Ashbery

Hardcover, 63 pages

© 1986 Nell Blaine and The Arts Publisher, Inc.

 This visual diary of vivid reproductions of a selection of Nell Blaine's drawings and watercolors is sure to inspire. John Ashbery notes in the preface, "As I open the notebook which Nell has lent me I feel a sudden explosion of freshness emanating from her studies of potted plants and cut flowers in vases, which leads to the larger and more distant explosions in the landscape watercolors that are also represented in the notebook: mountain peaks in Austria exhaling violet mist, or rock ledges in Gloucester surrounded by wild flowers in flaming bloom. Even the cars parked next to an ungainly summer hotel in Gloucester are into it, revelling in the freshness, breathing in color, dreaming car-dreams."

The Sketchbook also contains a chronology of Nell Blaine's life from 1922-1985.

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