Nell Blaine: her art and life


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By Martica Sawin

Hardcover, 153 pages

Text © 1998 Martica Sawin. Illustrations © 1998 by the Estate of Nell Blaine. Published by Hudson Hills Press, Inc.

67 colorplates, 56 black-and-white illustrations

Nell Blaine (1922-1996), a native of Richmond, Virginia, lived and worked in New York and East Gloucester, Massachusetts. Blaine was an important member of the second generation of the New York School, her work representing a dialogue between abstract principles and her sensory responses to the visible world. Her oils and watercolors of gardens, landscapes, and flower-filled still lifes display her commitment to the pleasure principle, her delight in vision, combined with a gift for improvisation and rhythm learned from the jazz greats of the 1940s. This joyous volume, illustrating more than fifty years of work, also recounts-- often in Blaine's own words-- the artist's life history, from her excitement when a pair of eyeglasses suddenly allowed her to see the world around her at the age of two; to the thrill of her escape to New York at the age of nineteen; to the inspiring story of Blaine's heroic victory over the polio that almost killed her in 1959.

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