John Sloan on Drawing and Painting


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John Sloan on Drawing and Painting (Gist of Art)

By John Sloan, recorded with the assistance of Helen Farr Sloan

Soft cover, 200 pages

Copyright © 1944 by John Sloan. 

A highly regarded member of the “Ashcan School” of American painting, John Sloan (1871-1951) was also an influential teacher at New York’s Art Students League.  His dual experience as a realist painter and a graphics illustrator helped equip Sloan with the uncommon capacity to instruct students in both representational and abstract art.  Now, with this illustrated, practical record of his teachings, readers can benefit from the depth and variety of Sloan’s talks on art theory and practice.  This invaluable summary of art theory and practice-by one of the great artists and teachers of the 20th century-is enhanced with 46 illustrations, including 23 of Sloan’s paintings, 8 photographs of the artist and his studio, and a number of line drawings and diagrams.

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