Greenheads: Paintings by Sam Holdsworth


  • Quantity

Written and illustrated by Sam Holdsworth

Published by Cape Ann Museum (© 2008)

Hardcover – 139 pages

The ferocious and beautiful Greenhead Fly is revealed as the red-robed and highly cultured predator that lives a rich and complex life both above and below the salt marsh. The Greenhead's days are filled with as much heat, light, violence and appetite as any being on earth. All other life exists for their pleasure alone. The advent of clouds or darkness reveals another dimension of their remarkable lives that then unfolds below ground. In a narrative cycle of over 50 renaissance influenced paintings, as well as an accompanying text, the extraordinary life cycle of the Greenhead is chronicled. The book contains over 75 color reproductions printed on high quality paper. It was published in association with a highly acclaimed exhibition at the Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester, Massachusetts June–October, 2008.


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