Gloucester Early Times Coloring Book


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Drawings and stories by Anne Ives

©1973 Mrs. Robert S. Ives

Paperback, 34 pages.

Sixteen pictures with stories of happenings of the first 150 years in one of the prime colonies of Massachusetts Bay.

“10,000 years ago a small band of hunting people camped within five miles of Gloucester, in Ipswich. Their ancient ancestors have been traced to far-away Arizona and New Mexico. Mystery surrounds the years between that campsite and 1600, when this was Agawam Indian Country. Then came the Dorchester Co. Plantation – three years, followed by the Town of Gloucester of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

IMAGINE leaving comfortable homes in England, sailing for weeks in a small wooden ship across the Atlantic Ocean to settle in the rugged wilderness of Cape Ann. There were no houses, no stores, no push-buttons for instant light, heat, cookstoves or power tools. No faucets supplied running water at the flick of a wrist. There was nothing but rocks, streams, forest, ocean, and the indomitable spirit of man."

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