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Urban Renewal and the Fitz Henry Lane House

Today, more than 150 years after artist Fitz Henry Lane's death, the house he built on Duncan’s Point in Gloucester still remains. As part of the 2020 re-installation of the gallery that houses the Cape Ann Museum’s extensive collection of paintings and drawings by this well-known American artist, the CAM Library & Archives has taken a closer look at the history of the Lane House, focusing on its narrow escape from Urban Renewal. Through documents, photographs, and architectural blueprints, this new Google Arts & Culture exhibit reveals how a group of passionate citizens and civic leaders worked for nearly two decades to save and repurpose the house between 1958 and 1977.

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For a closer look at each photograph and document while viewing the exhibit, click the thumbnail in the bottom left corner of each slide.


Unfolding Histories: Cape Ann Before 1900

The Museum is thrilled to announce the launch of its first online archival exhibition! Explore topics ranging from Native American life to the first European settlers in the 1640s, the temperance movement, African American history and civil rights, women’s history, the advent of railroad and mass transportation as well as work, literary, and cultural life during Cape Ann’s early years.  

Users can search the exhibition thematically or browse it through a number of different categories, as well as learn more about the nine local histories collections that contributed archival material represented in the exhibition. Built in-house with the open-source Omeka platform, this exhibition showcases historical and archival material, and is intended to be the first of many online exhibitions that the Museum will offer.

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We are grateful to the Tadler Family for their support of this initiative through the Tadler Internship Program.


Image credits, left to right: Logbook from the Schooner Lark, 1799, Cape Ann Museum; Daguerreotype of Abigail Trask and her friend, late 1840s, Manchester Historical Museum; Old Farmer's Almanac, 1839, Sandy Bay Historical Society and Museums; Certificate from teacher for Amanda Babson, January 1823, Cape Ann Museum. 

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