The Museum will be closed all day April 21 in observance of Easter Sunday.

Library & Archives Policies

In order to safeguard our collections, we asked that all visitors please observe the following policies:

Security Procedures

  • All visitors must stop at the reference desk or tablet to sign in and out of the library.
  • Only water is permitted in the library. No food or other drinks.
  • No pens or sticky notes should be used in the library.
  • Library materials must be returned to the reference services desk before exiting the building.
  • CAM reserves the right to examine all materials taken out of the library.
  • Video cameras are in use in the library and surrounding areas.
  • Cell phone calls are not permitted in the library.

Handling Materials

  • Bound volumes must be examined in book cradles; all other library materials should be kept flat on the table and handled as little as possible with clean, dry hands.
  • Please ask for assistance with uncut pages or to unfold maps. Do not rearrange materials.
  • Acid-free paper is available at the readers’ services desk to be used as markers, so please do not use your own paper. Do not lean on or take notes on top of collection material.

Photoduplication and Photography

CAM allows readers to use their own cameras to take photographs of suitable items, for research purposes, at no cost. The following policies apply:

  • All library policies for handling materials will be enforced. Items in folders must be kept flat, bound items kept in cradles. Materials may not be manipulated to produce a better image.
  • No flash, tripods, special lighting or extra equipment are permitted without prior consent of the reference librarian.
  • As a courtesy to other readers, please change your camera settings to “mute.”
  • We require formal permission to reproduce images from our collections. Fees may be incurred for use in publication or for other uses. For reproduction requests please consult the reference librarian.

Digital Access

  • Wireless Internet access (CAHA Guests, no PW) is available in the library.