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Archival Collections Finding Aids

The Finding Aids on the Cape Ann Museum's website represent only a minute fraction of what is available in the Museum's Library & Archives; for further assistance with items in the collection or for inquiries regarding material not listed here, please contact the Library & Archives at
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A00 - Virginia Lee Burton Collection

The Virginia Lee Burton Collection contains sketchbooks, design course lessons, proofs for publications, photographs, along with the bulk of the collection: pages and sketches of her unfinished manuscript, Design and How! 

A01 - Valentine Cards Collection

The Valentine Cards Collection consists of cards dating from 1849-1910 from a number of sources. While the collection is primarily composed of Valentine Cards, there are also Christmas, Birthday, and other holiday cards within. 

A02 - Robin Hood, Letter of Marque Ship Collection

The Robin Hood, Letter of Marque Ship Collection contains shipping papers, receipts, correspondences, accounts and invoices, and memorandum pertaining to the Letter of Marque vessel in 1781.  

A03 - First Church of Gloucester Collection

The First Church of Gloucester Collection consists of numerous records of the Church from 1703-1950, including vital records, Church meetings, documents of the Ministers of the First Church, financial records, as well as Reverend Eli Forbes' personal bible.

A04 - John J. Babson Papers

The John J. Babson Papers contain material generated by Babson during the course of his continued research into topics pertaining to his publications. The material within consists of unpublished manuscripts, notes on genealogy, land grants research, and correspondences with subjects of his research.

A05 - Cape Ann Deeds Collection

The Cape Ann Deeds Collection consists of material documenting the transfer of land and buildings. These documents from various sources and were arranged into two series with dates of 1663-1898 and 1668-1971 respectively. Most deeds show the date, book, and page of their registration at the Registry of Deeds in Salem, MA. 

A06 - James G. Tarr & Bro. Wholesale Fish Dealers Collection

The James G. Tarr & Bro. Wholesale Fish Dealers Collection provides a vignette on the everyday operation of the Gloucester wholesale fish dear from 1894-1901. The collection contains correspondences, records, reports, and a fish price list.

A07 - Paper Doll Collection

The Paper Doll Collections is made up of paper dolls from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Raphael Tuck & Sons were the publishers of many of the dolls in the collection.

A08 - Captain Ben Pine Papers

The Captain Ben Pine Papers consists of material pertaining to the business world of the renowned Gloucester fisherman and internationally known racing skipper. The collection includes correspondences, race programs, photographs, scrapbooks, crew lists, and other related ephemera. 

A09 - Independent Christian Society of Gloucester (Universalist) Collection

The Independent Christian Society of Gloucester (Universalist) Collection contains early records pertaining to the history of the church, covering the years of 1779-1943. Material includes: vital records, church property and business records, services and sermons of past Ministers, finance documents, and scrapbooks.

A10 - David W. Low Papers and Land Surveys Collection

The David W. Low Papers and Land Surveys Collection contains documents pertaining to the varied activities of the life-long Gloucester resident. Materials consist of documents pertaining to his military service, life as a land surveyor, an inventor, as well as personal correspondences and photographs. 

A11 - Gloucester's 350th Anniversary, Papers of Mayor Robert L. French Collection

The Gloucester's 350th Anniversary, Papers of Mayor Robert L. French Collection is comprised of the Mayor's files relating to the anniversary celebration held in 1973. The collection includes correspondences, organizational and financial documents, handwritten notes, as well as programs and catalogs for event occurring that year.

A15 - Schooner Three Brothers & Schooner Good Success Collection

The Schooner Three Brothers & Schooner Good Success Collections consists primarily of correspondences between the Three Brothers' owners and master. Also included in this collection are bills of sale and receipts for the Schooner Good Success transactions. 

A16 - Vincent Ferrini Papers

The Vincent Ferrini Papers consists of material pertaining to the author's personal and business life. Documents include project notes, manuscripts, poems, correspondence, video, and his personal library of publications.

A17 - Alfred M. Duca Papers

The Alfred M. Duca Papers contains correspondences, slides, and other miscellaneous papers pertaining to Duca's life as both artist and community activist, documenting his work on behalf of disadvantaged children.

A19 - Sylvester Ahola Papers

The Sylvester Ahola Papers consists of personal correspondences, a diary, publications, photographs, oral histories, and a substantial collection of recordings containing Ahola's performances. 

A20 - Irving L. Morris Papers

The Irving L. Morris Papers contains the personal diary, letters, commendations, and other papers of Morris' time as a soldier in World War I. The majority of letters were sent from Morris to his family during his time in service. 

A22 - Joseph E. Garland Collection

The Joseph E. Garland Collection documents Garland's extensive publishing career and contains material relating to twenty-seven of his works. Material consists of correspondence, research documents, manuscripts, photographs, newspaper clippings and reviews, audio recordings, and scrapbooks.

A23 - Paul B. Kenyon Papers

The Paul B. Kenyon Papers contains material focused primarily on his time at the Gloucester Daily Times as reporter, columnist, and editor. Documents include notes, correspondences, and photographs on a wide variety of subject, as well as a small section relating to both an article in Ladies' Home Journal and his novel, Driftwood Captain. 

A24 - Barbara Erkkila Papers

The Barbara Erkkila Papers primarily consists of material accumulated during her research of topics of the Quarry Industry, Finns, Lanesville, and Cemeteries. Documents include some correspondences, records, diaries, receipts, and photographs. The Cape Ann Museum Library & Archives also holds an unprocessed portion of this collection.

A27 - Alfred Mansfield Brooks Papers and Photographs Collection

The Alfred Mansfield Brooks Papers include journals, scrapbooks, correspondences, manuscripts, and other material from his career as a professor of fine arts and his involvement with the City of Gloucester and the Cape Ann Historical Association. Also included in the collection are Ruth S. Brooks' sketchbook and correspondences.

A28 - Gloucester Fishermen's Institution Collection

The Gloucester Fishermen's Institution Collection contains extensive record books of the institution, correspondences, photographs, and a draft of the history of the institution's early years.

A30 - William J. MacInnis Collection

The William J. MacInnis Collection consists primarily of documents relating to MacInnis' time as Mayor of Gloucester (1922-1923), the city's 300th Anniversary Celebration, and schooners and racing. 

A31 - Second Parish Records Collection

The Second Parish Records Collection contains original record books dating to 1716, lists of pastors, baptisms, members, and manuscripts pertaining to the Parish's hundreds year history.

A32 - Records of the Cape Ann Camera Club Collection

The Records of the Cape Ann Camera Club Collection includes notices of meetings, membership listings, their 1903 constitution, minutes of meetings, and other miscellaneous documents pertaining to the group's existence from 1902-1947.

A33 - Parsons/Morse Papers

The Parsons/Morse Papers primarily document the description and sale of parcels of land owned by the Parsons family, and after 1842, the Morse family. Also included are documents pertaining to Isaac Morse and his ownership of the Schooner W.B. Ferguson.

A34 - Dolliver/Moore Papers

The Dolliver/Moore Papers contains documents and letters concerning real estate transactions and lease agreements from 1652-1891. The collection is divided between the Dolliver Family and the Moore Family.

A35 - Mabel Spofford Collection

The Mabel Spofford Collection consists of sketchbooks, lecture notes, correspondences, teaching material, papers, and photographs pertaining to Spofford's personal life as well as her 44-year career as a teacher and artist.

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