Cassie the Sea Serpent

Follow the Cape Ann Museum's family-friendly guide, Cassie the Sea Serpent, through the galleries! Inspired by the Cape Ann Sea Serpent, which was seen by hundreds in Gloucester Harbor between 1817-1819, Cassie poses questions and activities for students of all ages to engage with the collection.

During your next visit at the Museum, keep your eyes open for a head, fin, or tail and make sure to check out the artwork that she stopped to look at. Visit the front desk and pick up a copy of Cassie’s Scavenger Hunt to find some of her favorite pieces in the Museum! 

Two local artists have helped bring Cassie to life. In 2019, Essex sculptor Chris Williams created the nine-foot-tall bronze Gloucester Sea Serpent sculpture which was dedicated at the Museum entrance in honor of CAM’s previous director, Ronda Faloon. Take a look at this video of his process.

In 2021, Gloucester-born artist Grimdrops designed and painted four murals of Cassie in the galleries. Based in Salem, Grimdrops has painted murals across Beverly and Salem but this was his first installation in his hometown. Watch Grimdrops painting or listen to him describe his process.

To learn more about the legend of the Cape Ann Sea Serpent, check out our CAM Connects issue, listen to Wayne Soini’s lecture, or read CAM Docent Tom Halsted’s article.

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