T.S. Eliot Installation

Saturday, September 24

10:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

Community Programs

Downtown Campus, 27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, MA

Visit the Cape Ann Museum's downtown campus on Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25 to view a joint installation with the T.S. Eliot Foundation presented as part of the Dry Salvages Festival 2022. The installation features Eliot's Gloucester, a collection of letters and photographs, and Walking with Eliot, Cape Ann Paintings by Bruce Herman. The paintings will be on display until Tuesday, September 27.


Eliot's Gloucester

Born in St. Louis Missouri in 1888, Eliot and his family escaped the oppressive heat of St. Louis by spending their summers in the cool sea breezes on Eastern Point in Gloucester from 1890-1919. As a young man, Eliot learned to sail, dig for crabs, and enjoy the natural beauty of the rocky coastline "What seas what shores what grey rock and what islands " (from the poem Marina). The installation represents a collection of letters and photographs illustrating a time in his life when he was the happiest, an environment that inspired him to write some of his best poems in his lifetime.


Walking with Eliot- Cape Ann Paintings of Bruce Herman

The ocean off Gloucester’s rocky coastline “Measures time, not our time…Older than the time of chronometers" as Eliot writes in The Dry Salvages. This same sense of time—geologic, oceanic time—along with the topography, weather, and colors of Cape Ann––have all shaped Bruce Herman's art.

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