CAMTalks: History Series A Geological Timescale of Cape Ann

Saturday, January 15

1:00 p.m.


with Joseph H. Kennedy Jr. and Sonny Meng Qi Xu

Virtual event presented on Zoom.
This event is free and open to the public, registration is required.

~450 million years ago, the granites that make up the Cape Ann Peninsula intruded into island arcs half a world away. Moving millimeters a year, those island arcs eventually were accreted onto the North America craton. Much later, Cape Ann granites were quarried by human beings and used throughout New England, whereby an exotic terrane formed the structural backbone of America’s early built environment.

In this talk, Professors Joseph H. Kennedy Jr. and Sonny Meng Qi Xu from the Boston Architectural College will consider the many histories of the Cape Ann granites beginning with the emplacement, transport, and amalgamation of the granite bodies. They will discuss the history and enduring legacy of the granite industry and explore issues affecting the region caused by the changing climate and sea level rise. Looking far ahead into Earth’s future, they will consider how Earth surface processes, operating on geologic timescales, might factor into the use, weathering, and eventual recycling of the Cape Ann granites.

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