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January 24th - February 6th.


CAMTalks: Coming Back Together

Saturday, July 23

1:00 p.m. — 2:00 p.m.

CAMTalks, Exhibit Openings & Events

CAM Green, 13 Poplar Street, Gloucester, MA
Free and open to the public.


Join the Cape Ann Museum for a conversation with artists Claudia Parachiv and Sika Foyer about their installation, Coming Back Together: an intimate gathering space at CAM Green.

Created on June 11 and 19 through community workshops, this outdoor public art installation is a celebration of local artist and community builder Doris Prouty, whose work is currently on display inside the Janet & William Ellery James Center. Coming Back Together, a colorful garden folly made up of tenderly wrapped tree stumps, limbs, and abstract foliage, honors the artistry and embodied life values of Prouty’s quilts into a space for whimsy, storytelling, and friends.

About the Artists:

Claudia Paraschiv is an architect, public artist, and educator. Born in Romania and raised in Los Angeles, Claudia now lives with her family in Salem MA, where she started her design practice, Studioful in 2016. Studioful takes on a varied constellation of projects for more meaningful living, asking the question: How can we transform our world for the Common Good? Studioful is driven to engage people to participate in the transformation of their worlds as purposeful places of stewardship, democracy, social gathering, self-expression, and imagination. 

Sika Foyer is an American multidisciplinary artist based in Arlington, MA and New York, NY who explores wrapping cultures, the materiality of wrapping and its cross-cultural rituals to tell ancestral stories and to examine forms of social injustice. Foyer’s tireless gestural motions and micro repetitive layering expose what is covered, what is forbidden and what is hidden in plain sight. Her formal training and experiences in urban policies and economic development inform her work.  Born and raised in Lomé, Togo, West Africa, Foyer was first introduced to drawing and clothing design at age 8 by assisting her fashion designer and dressmaker mother, Akouh  Adjo  Ebimide, in her Atelier, Chez  Da Marie.

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