A page from the Account Book of Thomas Lufkin dated 1775–1835 enlarge

A page from the Account Book of Thomas Lufkin dated 1775–1835

Thomas Lufkin was born in Ipswich and moved to Gloucester as a boy when his father bought land just over the town border, near Walker's Creek in West Gloucester. Thomas married Judith Choate in 1780 and they had seven children. While primarily a shoe maker like most of his neighbors, Lufkin was not averse to trading a few commodities when asked, such as the coffee and flax bought by Mrs. Butler.

The page from this account book shows some of his customers:

Elizabeth Haskell, wife of Deacon Zebulon Haskell (the Haskells were neighbors of Thomas Lufkin); Samuel Procter, who lived in Ipswich just over the town line; William Lufkin, Thomas's older brother (born in 1751) who was married to Judith's older sister Patience Choate; Father Lufkin, Thomas' father, also named Thomas (note that he is exchanging pounds, shillings, and pence for dollars for both his father and brother); Mrs. Oxton, maiden name Mary Newcomb, who married William Oxton in 1771; Mrs. Newcum (Newcomb), maiden name Mary Coas, who was Mrs. Oxton's mother; Mrs. Butler, who was either Phebe Lane, wife of John Butler who died in West Parish in 1781, or Eliza Gott, wife of Steven Butler, neither of whom have deaths registered here.

Accession number: Call # AB Lufkin, Thomas