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Gloucester Humoresque

All the talk of portraiture reminds Meyerowitz of a large and to his mind 'whimsical' painting that he did years ago in Gloucester.  It's of the local art scene ... Over here on the right," he says, explaining the piece, "I have the North Shore Arts Association, with its jury system. The rejected painters are hurrying toward Rocky Neck and the gallery of the Gloucester Society of Artists. It didn't have a jury."

Meyerowitz belonged to both organizations and so took an objective view of their activities. He notes, however, that his sympathies were and are with nonjuried shows....

—Charles Movalli, "A Conversation with William Meyerowitz and Theresa Bernstein," American Artist, January 1980


Artist: William Meyerowitz
Date of work: 1923
Medium: Oil on canvas
Accession number: 2510.04
Credit line: Gift of James F. O’Gorman and Jean Baer O’Gorman, 1985


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