Ruth Hendy

1926 - 1998

Ruth Hendy was born in Hull, Texas, to Bolie and Elizabeth Davis. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southwestern University in 1947. In 1948 she married Kenneth Hendy and moved to Rockport. They had three children, Laurence, Karlan and Marcia. Hendy completed Demetrios’ design course in 1954 and was a member of the Folly Cove Designers until they disbanded. In 1957, she ran a private kindergarten together with fellow designer Barbara Hoffmann. After the Folly Cove Designers ceased operations, Hendy pursued a career in elementary education. In 1976, she earned a master’s degree in special education from Leslie College, and in 1977 she received her master’s degree (also in special education) from Boston College.

Selected works by Ruth Hendy

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