Selected works by Ninon Lacey

Ninon Lacey

born 1923

Ninon Lacey, a native of New Hampshire, studied at the Boston Museum School and today works in pen and ink and as a printmaker. When she and her late husband, Bernard Chaet, first came to Cape Ann in the 1950s it was to visit fellow artist Barbara Swan (who also studied at the Museum School) and her husband Alan Fink. In 1968, captivated by the “space and light of Cape Ann,” Lacey and Chaet purchased a modest white clapboard house in Pigeon Cove—which had once belonged to Barbara Swan’s ancestors—and made Rockport their summer home.
Ninon Lacey's artwork focuses on intimate and serene subjects. Her careful rendering of flowers and grasses encountered along the shoreline and in her own back yard are highly detailed and exact, done in a palette limited to shades of black and white and grey.