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Jewish Heritage

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CAM Connects Jewish Heritage


Andrew Bridge Painting

This issue of CAM Connects celebrates the Jewish history of Cape Ann. While many of us may be familiar with Jewish painters who have long found inspiration on Cape Ann - from Theresa Bernstein and William Meyerowitz, to Mark Rothko, to Harold Rotenberg, Judi Rotenberg, Ruth Mordecai, Susan Erony, and many others - we may not be as familiar with the Jewish businesses and social organizations that developed here - sometimes as integrated parts of the region's social fabric and at other times due to exclusion from it.

Featured stories:

→ Jewish-Owned Businesses on Cape Ann
→ Camp Annisquam
→ Tradition of the Lobster Trap Menorah
→ Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, and Folly Cove
→ Fire on Middle Street


CAM Connects Jewish Heritage


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