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Folklore, Legends, & Myths

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CAM Connects Folklore, Legends, & Myths


Fall is in the air and with it the folklore, legends, and myths from across Cape Ann swirl to life as residents settle in for darker evenings around wood stoves and heaters. From different artistic interpretations of mythic serpents to tales from Bearskin Neck and Dogtown; from ghostly portraits to near misses on the ships, the examples in this issue of CAM Connects highlight the inherent connection between the romantic and the historic.

Featured stories:

→ A Tale of Three Serpents
→ The Legend of the Bear
→ Mystery, Mayhem, and Magic in an Abandoned Cape Ann Village
→ Very Superstitious - Goode's Writing on the Haul
→ The Record of My Ancestry
→ Portuguese Crowning Ceremony
→ Ghostly Miniature


CAM Connects Folklore, Legends, & Myths


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