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CAM Connects Ice


Ice cutting on Fernwood Lake

Ice has been a central shaping force on Cape Ann at least since the receding glacier that carved the landscape approximately 12,000 years ago dropped boulders across the bedrock. More recently, ice played a key role in the fishing industry as exemplified by local businesses such as Cape Pond Ice. Additionally, ice has served as inspiration to local artists from Virginia Lee Burton’s drawings of Katy & the Big Snow to the paintings of Aldro T. Hibbard.

Featured stories:

→ Cape Pond Ice Company Archival Collection
→ There’s No Art Like Snow Art
→ Katy and the Big Snow
→ Installing The Gossips Ice Sculpture with Donald Chapelle in 2022
→ Ice-in on Cape Ann: Photographs from the CAM Library & Archives


CAM Connects Ice


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