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Model Making

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CAM Connects Model Making


Summer is here, and with vessels abounding in Gloucester Harbor and around Cape Ann, we invite you to join us in exploring the history of ships models in this issue of CAM Connects. 

Prompted by recent updates to both of CAM’s Fisheries & Maritime Galleries, may this issue of CAM Connects inspire you to join us in the galleries in the weeks ahead and explore the wonderful representation of ships models featured throughout the Museum. As captured in the images and the stories below, during the course of the Museum’s current collections move many models have come to light and afford the prospect for deeper exploration. 

Featured stories:

→ Ship Models: Origins & Uses
→ John C. Ehler
→ Gloucester Harbor Diorama
→ Erik Ronnberg, Jr.
→ Connecting the Dots Between Shipbuilding and Sculpture


CAM Connects Model Making


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