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CAM Connects Dogtown


Ed Touchette, Red Landscape #1, Dogtown, 2006, acrylic on canvas. Collection of the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA. Gift of the artist, given in memory of Dana Todd, 2007 [Acc. #2007.12].

The 3,000-acre swath of boulder-strewn uninhabited land that makes up the center of Cape Ann has been known as Dogtown for generations. Today Dogtown remains mystical and magical, a sanctuary from its busier surroundings, a place for quiet thought and a reunion with nature. Read on as we explore its history and impact as a vast expanse of land that endures as both a resource and a challenge for the people of Cape Ann.

Featured stories:

→ Written in Stone
→ Terminal Moraine
→ Marsden Hartley and Dogtown
→ Artists in the Heart of Cape Ann
→ The Maps of Dogtown
→ CAM Dogtown Tours - May 16 & June 6


CAM Connects Dogtown


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