Gifts to the Collection

Gifts to the collection or funds designated for collections acquisitions, guarantee the Museum's ability to tell the story of Cape Ann's art, history and culture for generations to come. There are many ways to make a gift that are in keeping with your current and future financial and personal goals:

  • Outright gifts enable you to receive a charitable deduction for tax purposes
  • Fractional gifts allow you to keep partial ownership of your work and receive a charitable deduction for tax purposes
  • Bequests allow you to keep your artwork for the remainder of your life, ensure its value to the community after your death and diminish the tax burden on your heirs
  • Promised gifts enable you to enjoy your work and commit to a future gift to the Museum either during your lifetime or through a bequest

Benefits of making a gift to the collection include:

  • Charitable deduction for income tax purposes
  • Satisfaction in knowing that your gift will be cared for and made available for the public to enjoy
  • For gifts valued at $10,000 and above, membership in the Alfred Mansfield Brooks Society

If a planned gift is something you would like to consider, consult an estate planner who is familiar with your particular circumstances. For more information contact Leslee Shlopak by phone at (978)283-0455 x18 or by email to