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An ongoing series of one-day contemporary art installations at the Historic White-Ellery House

White-Ellery House programs and events

The White-Ellery House (1710), owned and operated by the Cape Ann Museum, has served as the backdrop for a series of one-day contemporary art installations since 2010.

The House is located at 245 Washington Street in Gloucester and is free and open to the public on select Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each month from May through October as part of Escapes North 17th Century Saturdays.

Support for this program is provided by The Umberto Romano and Clorinda Romano Foundation which celebrates Umberto Romano’s (1906–1982) legacy on Cape Ann through arts education and appreciation and by fostering the work of emerging and/or working artists.

About the White-Ellery House

The White-Ellery House, located at 245 Washington Street in Gloucester at the Route 128 Grant Circle Rotary, was built in 1710 and is one of just a handful of First Period houses in Eastern Massachusetts that survives to this day. Unlike other structures of this period, the largely unfurnished house has had very few interior alterations over the years. Stepping inside today, visitors enter much the same house they would have 300 years ago. Parking is available off Poplar Street in the field behind the house. 



Past Installations


Tim Ferguson Sauder & Rob Alexander — CURRENT
Christy Park — Ploughshares: Lines from Isaiah
Kathleen Williams — In the Heart of Place: Image and Expression
Bobbi Gibb — 26.2 Expressions
Leslie Lyman and Karen Battles — Here, Long Ago


Sarah Wonson – Life Observed
Gabrielle Barzaghi – The Picasso Women Visit the White-Ellery House
Robert Lerch – Peggy’s House


Robert Trumbour – Now.Then.Again
July White and Kyle Nilan – Bringing the Outside In
George Wingate and Gordon Williams – About Time


Chris Nulty – Holy City of Gloucester
Sinikka Nogelo – Tin, Relics and Remakes
Mary Rhinelander – Collection/Reflection


Ana Alakija – Interconnections (Brazil/Africa, Portugal/New England)
Shep Abbott – It’s All About Dogtown!
Elizabeth Alexander – Still Life: a Fabricator's Banquet
Ila Prouty – Dream Repeater
Jenna Powell – Lost & Found