For Educators

It is our goal to make the art, history and culture of Cape Ann accessible and available to children and their families. We strive to give our young visitors a sense of place and we firmly believe that instilling a sense of pride in one's community at a young age contributes to creating a stable foundation for a child. It also creates a better community.

Cape Ann has a rich history. This history is so relevant to what is being taught nationally that we're able to provide meaningful experiences to visitors of all ages. We are easily able to put Cape Ann in the national and global context of what every other student in America is learning.  

School Group Tours

We work hard to maintain close ties with educators. Planned tours and school education programs tailored to specific interests and grade levels are available. Reservation request form available here.

Please contact the Museum Educator at (978)283-0455 x16 to custom-tailor your visit to the museum.

Classroom Resources

Fitz Henry Lane Online

⇒ Portrait of a Place: A History of Art on Cape Ann (coming soon)

⇒ Timeship, the Museum's publication about real Cape Ann people from all time periods, is distributed to appropriate grade levels without charge. You can download past issues here.