2016 Acquisitions—Library & Archives


  • Sylvester Ahola newspaper clippings. Gift of Mariann Ahola.
  • Coggeshall Camp Summer Art School brochure, 1906. Gift of Doris Bardsley.
  • Scrapbook of Fishermen’s Races, undated. Gift of Frank Benson.
  • Invitation to 1892 Ceremony of Buildings Dedication, Chicago Expo, 1893. Gift of Judy Bogage.
  • Gloucester Daily Times article “Poet Olson Alive in Hearts of Admirers,” Aug. 14, 1995; The Charles Olson Festival program, Aug. 12, 1995; Cape Ann Family Almanac, 1876; Five Gloucester postcards; Newspaper clippings of Howard Blackburn & Capt. W. A. Andrews; Invitation to the opening of Central Grammar Apartments, 1975; Letter from Capt. George E. Studley re: history of a sextant that belonged to Capt. Sol Jacobs, 1940. Gift of Fred Buck.
  • Indenture Deed. Gift of Phil Chalmers.
  • Five Hotel brochures & rate sheets, 1953. Gift of Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.
  • Folly Cove Design records & proofs of exhibition catalog. Gift of Deborah Goodwin.
  • The Finnish New York News (4 papers from 1949). Gift of Keith LeBrun.
  • Correspondence with Vincent Ferrini. Gift of Helen McLeod.
  • The Rose, School Newspaper, F. M. Burnham, 1850. Gift of Manchester Historical Museum.
  • Card file of guests at the Rockport Lodge, 1950s–1980s. Gift of Greg and Abigail O’Brien.
  • Scrapbook created by artist Mary Shore. Gift of Robert Paterson.
  • Planning Committee Reports: Hovey School, 1982; Great Republic Museum Competition, 1982; List of Cape Ann Organizations 1980. Gift of David Porper.
  • Lawyer C. R. Thompson papers, 1800s. Gift of David Rich.
  • 27 Fishermen’s Institute Annual Reports, 1908–1941; 250th City Anniversary Program; Letter Carriers First Annual Ball Program, 1895. Gift of Mark Stolle.


  • Gloucester: When the Fish Came First, Nubar Alexanian, 2016, #429 of 500 signed by the author. Gift of the author.
  • Letters for Olson, ed. B. Hollander, 2016; Glooskap’s Children, P. Anastats, 1973; All Area magazine #1, Spring 1980, and #2, Spring 1983; The Heavenly Tree Grows Downward, G. Lansing, 1966; North Shore North, 12 issues #1–12, 2002; Minutes of the Charles Olson Society, 1993–2010; The Worcester Review, Vol. XXXI, 2010; Dead Poet’s Society Magazine; Original ms. of Vincent Ferrini’s Incredible Dancer, 2013; Albert Alcalay: a Retrospective, exhibition catalog, 1982; Final draft of The Persistence of Hope: A True Story, A. Alcalay, 2001. Gift of Peter Anastas.
  • Seeking the Ideal: Charles C. Curran, J. W. Faquin, 2014. Gift of Dixon Gallery & Gardens.
  • Total Gonzo Poems, Charles Giuliano; The Nugent Family, 1800–2000, F. Nugent & J. N. Novey. Gift of Charles Giuliano.
  • Historical Atlas of Massachusetts, ed. R. W. Wilke & J. Tager, 1991; The Forgotten Fifth, G. B. Nash, 2006; Collection of four cookbooks: Gloucester on the Waterfront (1987), Gloucester Cookery (C. Porter, 1998), A Collection of Favorite Recipes (Our Lady Guild, 1986), Treasured Recipes from All My Kitchens (M. C. Smith). Gift of Mary McCarl.
  • The Battle to Bring Modernism to New England: The History and Exhibition Record of the Boston Society of Independent Artists, 1927–1967, T. D. Cederholm, 2005; American Women Artists 1830–1930, National Museum of Women in the Arts exhibition catalogue, 1987; A Brief History of Cape Ann, Gloucester and the Village of Annisquam, Peter Fortune, 2013; Challenging Tradition: Women of the Academy 1826–2003, National Academy of Design, 2003; American Art Today, New York World’s Fair, 1939. Gift of Bing McGilvray.
  • Scrimshaw: Variation on a Theme, M. Bowen, 1988 #147 of 490, signed by author. Gift of Patricia Ireland.
  • Love H., Hettie Jones, 2017. Gift of the author.
  • Mind the Light, Suellen Wedmore, 2014; Crosscurrents: The Colonies, Clubs & Schools that Established Impressionism in America, 2016. Gift of Arthur Ryan.
  • Pigeon Cove Harbor: Filling the Tidelands Solid from 1826 to 1941, A. Hovey, 1998. Gift of Liza B. Story.
  • Cape Ann North of Boston, Fall 2015; Remembrance: A Tribute, NSAA, 2002; Strokes of Genius, RAA, 2015; Demetrios, Cape Ann Museum, 1986; An American Modern, NSAA, 2003; Manship: A Retrospective, NSAA, 2000; Stuart Davis, ed. P. Rylands, 1997. Gift of William Trayes.
  • The Porch of Common Prayer: A Meditation upon Happiness, P. Tuttle, 2014. Gift of the author.
  • Church Hymns and Gospel Songs, Saukey, McGanahan & Stebbins, 1898. Gift of Susan Wright.
  • Gloucester High School Beacon, 1945. Gift of Paul Silva.


  • Photograph of Little Giant, 1878. Gift of Pat Balog.
  • Three photo albums and loose pages from the early 1900s. Gift of Joan Murphy Balue.
  • 23 photographic stills from the film Men of Gloucester, 1949. Gift of Katie Bond.
  • 41 photographs & negatives of Gloucester, H. Luray, 1940s. Gift of Patricia Buchanan.
  • Photograph of dories, c.1927. Gift of Carolyn Lawson.
  • 20 Photographs. Gift of the estate of Joseph Mesquita.
  • 150 color slides of Rockport and the Lodge. Gift of Greg and Abigail O’Brien.
  • 10 Photographs: Fair View Inn (3); Thacher Road (3); Widger Dairy (1), Thurston House (1), unidentified house on Stacy Blvd. (1). Gift of Phil Chalmers.
  • Hatfield family Photographs. Gift of Judy Peterson.
  • Peter Prybot’s collection of photographs: 50 discs of the Gloucester fishing industry dated 2005–2010 and ±250 contact sheets of the same; prints and negatives of images used in Peter Prybot’s book White-tipped Orange Masts c.1968–1972; ±250 slides on various subjects—travel, fishing vessel types and methods; ±5,000 color negatives and prints of the Gloucester fishing industry from the 1970s to c.2004. Gift of Anne Prybot.
  • Lantern slide of painter Charles Hopkinson. Gift of Charles Shurcliff.
  • Photographs of the Silva family and Five Pound Island; photograph of Our Lady of Good Voyage Church. Gift of Paul Silva.
  • Photograph album from 1910–1921. Gift of Jeanette Smith.
  • 19 photographs of Gloucester High School Class of 1925. Gift of Liza B. Story.
  • 189 35mm slides of Gloucester, 1940s. Gift of Bob Viator.


  • Five Gloucester postcards. Gift of Allan W. Kennedy.
  • Four trade cards. Gift of Louise G. Lewis.
  • Two Gloucester postcards. Gift of Anne McCarthy.


  • Elwell Genealogy. Gift of the estate of Priscilla Kippen.
  • Parsons’ Family Papers. Gift of Louise L. Kingston.
  • Clark Family papers. Gift of Elizabeth DiPrizio.
  • Four-volume diary kept by A. H. Ansley while fishing off Gloucester in 1852. Gift of Mary Lou Chayes.
  • Capt. Chester L. Morrissey Memoirs. Gift of Wayne Soini.


  • Two Sylvester Ahola LPs (1 signed by Ahola) and 3 tapes of his performances. Gift of Joyce McCormick.
  • Home video "The Perfect Storm" in Magnolia, 10/30/1991. Gift of Carl Paul.


  • Giclee copy of Coast Guard Survey Map of Sandy Bay, 1859. Gift of Stephen Vavak.

Museum Purchases

  • Five letters from D. Jerome Elwell to Samuel Sawyer, 1872–1874.
  • Samuel Sawyer correspondence: Letter to Capt. O. J. Lane, 1871; note from Sidney Haskell, 1882; letter to J. L. Stevens, 1872; letter from John J. Babson, 1873; letter to Capt. Watson of Bark Jewess, 1866.
  • Samuel Sawyer, misc. papers, 1864–1871.


  • Dogtown Drifter, J. A. Boldec, 2002.
  • Essex Shipbuilding, C.E. Peckham, 2002.
  • The Sea & Ourselves at Cape Ann, L. Ferlingetti, 1979. #111 of 200 signed by author.
  • Notes on the Marine Mollusks of Cape Ann, R.W. Dexter, 1942.
  • Peculiar Place Names of Cape Ann, J. Demetri, 2014.
  • Shipwrecks of Stellwagon Bank, M. Lawrence, D. Marx, J. Galluzio, 2015.
  • The Cellars Speak, Mark Carlotto, 2015.
  • To My Polis with Love, C. Gorga, 2008.
  • Young Eliot, R. Crawford, 2015.
  • The Venus Fixers, I. D. Brey, 2009.
  • The Mortal Sea, W. J. Bolster, 2012.
  • Leaving Lucy Pear, A. Solomon, 2016.
  • New England Bound, W. Warren, 2016.
  • The Architecture of the American Summer, V. Scully, 1989.
  • Brilliant Beacons: a History of the American Lighthouse, E. J. Dolin, 2016.